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Ongoing projects

Funding of projects in 2022

These projects are all requests from our African partner, the Association Saint-Camille-de-Lellis (“Saint-Camille”). Their priority was defined after discussion and exchange between the leaders of our two NGOs and approval by the Board of Directors of “Les Amis”.

  • All the people in training will be ex-patients whose objective is full recovery through vocational training and employment at Saint-Camille.
  • The projects consist of construction, reintegration and self-sufficiency activities, training and agri-food development.
  • For each of the projects we will request funding from one of our partners.
  • Our NGO is committed to supporting some of these projects by making a variable specific contribution for a total amount of $50,000.

1) In Adjarra, construction of a dual-purpose building, adjacent to the Health Centre, that will be used both to house the staff who work at the Center and to store various objects and materials (construction materials, metal frames, surplus equipment, wheelchairs, crutches, etc.), at a cost of $61,500. This construction has been requested for several years by Grégoire, leader of the Saint-Camille. This will make the Health Centre less cluttered, and free rooms for patients that staff currently are occupying. All patients in Benin’s psychiatric care centers can receive physical health care in Adjarra at no cost, while the local population also has access to it at reduced cost. This is another service that St. Camille offers to the poorest people who, for the most part, cannot access such services. Acquired project

2) In Adjarra, complete the interior finishing of the House for Volunteers at a cost of $40,800. The building is currently about 70 % completed. Located on the site of the Health Center, this building will house the medical staff during the periodic short bursts of medical care provided by professionals from abroad and from outside the regular staff. A Brazilian mission (24 medical professionals) came last September and provided services at this location as well as in neighboring parishes (over 5,000 consultations). Delighted with the opportunities that the place affords, they have committed to deploy such missions monthly when all is completed. Requested project

3 – In Tokan, complete the interior finishing of the Medical Clinic, at a cost of $37,000.  Within the walls of the Cotonou Psychiatric Care Center, St. Camille has begun to provide modern specialized services free of charge for patients treated at the centers and at reduced cost for the local population. Currently, there is digital radiology, ultrasound and a dispensary . Still to come: laboratory, colonoscopy, electroencephalogram and electrocardiogram. The interior of the building needs to be finalized (tiling, plumbing, electricity, painting, etc.). Requested project

4 – Training of 3 midwives ($3,000/person X 3 years) = $27,000. They will replace the three current midwives at the maternity ward of the Adjarra Health Center. This is a great opportunity to allow 3 women who have been treated and stabilized at the Saint-Camille Hospital to finalize their recovery with a paid professional job.

5 – Training of 2 managers ($3,500/pers. for 1 year) = $7,000. This has been a big gap at the Saint-Camille that the management wants to start correcting. Currently, the leaders of the centers have no training for this task.

6 – Training of 2 specialized educators ($2,500/pers. for 3 years) for a total of $15,000.  These will be the first people trained in this profession to animate and support the rehabilitation of patients in the centers. The Institut Supérieur de Formation des Éducateurs Spécialisés (ISFES) in Cotonou provides excellent training and is waiting for candidates from the St. Camille.

7 – Training of 3 nurses ($3,000/pers. X 3 years) = $27,000.  We have paid for the training of eight nurses in recent years. In agreement with the St. Camille, we are pursuing the objective of strengthening this profession by adding another position in each of the centers (from 2 to 3 nurses).

8 – Training of 2 radiology technicians ($4,500/pers. X 3 years) = $27,000. These technicians will replace those hired at the Tokan Medical Clinic and the Adjarra Health Center (see 1 & 3 above). These will represent still more patients for whom recovery will go hand-in-hand with the acquisition of a professional occupation.

9 – Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO): stays of two trainers (Solange and Suzanne) for about $15,000.  These two Quebec professionals have already been to the Saint-Camille to provide support and training. It is planned that they will return during the year to continue to provide training in accounting and in the care of patients with dual disorders (substance use disorder and mental illness). Requested project

10 – MRIF-Dakar & anonymous donation: banana plantation in Dassa :  $15,000.  Another project that will contribute to reintegration activities for patients at the end of their treatment and food self-sufficiency in the centers. Requested project

11 – Roncalli Foundation: Purchase of medical equipment for the Tokan Medical Clinic: ultrasound, laboratory, colonoscopy ($36,000). This will be a valuable contribution to the new clinic, which is already attracting interest in the regional services of the Beninese economic capital (see item 3 above) Acquired project

12 – Mission Inclusion: In Sokodé-Togo, funding for solar electrification, the pump and the irrigation system of the large vegetable garden and the cashew tree : $25,000.  This is the second part of a project started last year, which is the plantation of cashew trees on six hectares and a large vegetable garden in the center of Sokodé with solar electrification and irrigation system. Its objective: reintegration activities and a contribution to the search for food self-sufficiency.  Acquired project

13- Rotary Clubs: Training of 2 nurses in their 3rd year ($2,500 X 2) = $5,000.       Final phase of a project financed by the Rotary Clubs, who also made a significant contribution to the purchase of medicines and the manufacture of beds at the Tokan Center.  Acquired project

14 – In Sokodé-Togo, to pay for other activities for the solar electrification of the whole center and for the agro-food project: solar panels, drilling of a well at a cost of $27,500. A contribution that will complete the realization of the project described in item 12. Requested project

TOTAL = $365,800 of which $265,800 is already requested/acquired projects

Cashew trees and vegetable garden

A six-hectare plantation of cashew trees and the establishment of a vegetable garden near Sokodé, Togo, began in February 2021, courtesy of one of our partners, Mission Inclusion. This constitutes an investment of $40,000. Men and women who have received services at the adjacent treatment and recovery centre will have the opportunity to participate in the project at the end of their stay.

This project has three goals:

  1. To prepare people to return to their community. Men will regain their lost physical condition and women will have the opportunity to resume activities that they engaged in before their illness (planting, sowing, harvesting and gathering, food distribution).
  2. To contribute to the nutritional quality of the food served at this centre and probably in other centres as well.
  3. If there is a surplus, the sale of part of the harvest will help cover the cost of medications.

Nursing training

Five nursing students have been in training since October 2019 at the École Nationale de Santé Publique (National School of Public Health) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Three local Rotary Clubs teamed up with the Rotary Foundation to cover the tuition and living expenses (for three years) of two of them and the ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie of Québec is paying for those of the three others. These five nursing students are all recovered patients who will enhance the treatment staff in the Saint-Camille centres. The cost of training for these five students is $37,500.

COVID-19 Protection

Preventive equipment has been put in place to contain the anticipated disastrous effects of this virus as best as possible in Saint-Camille centres in Togo and Benin. The associated cost amounted to $35,530, 60% of which was covered by the Roncalli International Foundation. This included 29 hand-washing stations and the purchase of infrared thermometers. The Association Saint-Camille made masks and purchased disinfectant gel.