Our achievements

Completed projects

Since its incorporation in 2012, Les Amis de la Saint-Camille has contributed to several more projects in Africa. These projects are all the result of a collaboration between our donors and the funders of our network. The most important ones are these:

  • A six-hectare plantation of cashew trees and the establishment of a vegetable garden near Sokodé, Togo were completed in February 2022 thanks to one of our partners, Mission Inclusion. This represents an investment of $40,000. Men and women who are treated at the Saint-Camille treatment and recovery center located on the same piece of land now have the opportunity to work there after their treatment is completed. This has been accomplished with three goals in mind:
    • To prepare people to return to their community. Men will regain their lost physical condition and women will have the opportunity to resume activities that they engaged in before their illness (planting, sowing, harvesting and gathering, food distribution).
    • To contribute to the nutritional quality of the food served at this centre and probably in other centres as well.
    • If there is a surplus, the sale of part of the harvest will help cover the cost of medications.
  • Preventive equipment has been put in place to contain the anticipated disastrous effects of COVID-19 virus as best as possible in Saint-Camille centres in Togo and Benin. The associated cost amounted to $35,530, 60% of which was covered by the Roncalli International Foundation. This included 29 hand-washing stations and the purchase of infrared thermometers. The Association Saint-Camille made masks and purchased disinfectant gel.
  • Since 2021, with the contribution of the Louise Grenier Foundation ($17,000), a maternity is operational at the Saint-Camille Hospital in Bouaké, Ivory Coast. Two midwives paid by the Ivorian government will see to its functioning. They will join eight other health professionals (doctors and nurses) who are being added to the existing health care team, following an agreement between the Saint Camille and the Ivorian government. A container of medical equipment and treatment supplies was also sent for this purpose. Its contents (value of $140,000) were provided by Collaboration Santé Internationale  and the cost of shipping ($11,000) was covered by the Roncalli International Foundation.
  • In 2020, construction of a large drug warehouse located at the Calavi Centre in Benin that meets the needs of all Saint-Camille centres. Project carried out in partnership with the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation. Cost : 39 600 $.
    • Interior fitting of this warehouse (metal shelves, cupboards, refrigerators and freezer), in partnership with the Louise Grenier Foundation. Cost : 11 000 $
  • In 2019, accompaniment of engineering students from the Université de Sherbrooke who stayed in Dassa (Benin) for three months to build one of the housing units for the patients of this future centre. The students themselves raised the funds for this project. Cost : 35 000 $.
  • In 2019-20, construction of a Nursing Training Centre in Tokan (Benin) and training of three new nurses. A significant contribution from the ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) of Québec supported this project. Cost : 107 920 $.
  • In 2018-19, renovations to the oldest centre in Benin, Avrankou. The entire water distribution system was rebuilt and new latrines were put in place, with improved sump operation. The Roncalli International Foundation paid $18,600. We contributed $50,300 for tiling, whitewashing with lime of the buildings, and painting.
  • Accompanied three groups of students from the École Polytechnique de l’Université de Montréal who went to carry out the following projects, with funding they themselves provided :
    • In 2017, construction of a community centre at the Avrankou Centre. Cost: $30,000.
    • In 2018, construction of a kitchen-refectory at the Tokan Centre. Cost: $32,000
    • In 2019, renovation of a building to provide housing for employees at the Avrankou Centre. Cost: $27,000
  • In 2016-17, start-up assistance for the Tokan Centre. Three local Rotary Clubs, together with the Rotary Foundation added to the funds raised by “Les Amis” to purchase medicines, make beds and train two nurses. Total value of assistance given: $77,000.
  • In 2015-16, completion of the construction of the Tokan treatment and recovery centre near Cotonou, Benin (cost: $597,300). As of December 2019, this large centre, which had opened in October 2016, had housed 4,454 patients and provided over 90,000 outpatient visits. One of our proudest achievements is that we were able to fund this centre without the help of government programs.
  • Between 2015-18, through a financial contribution from the Roncalli International Foundation, we were able to establish irrigated vegetable gardens in the centres of Avrankou, Dambodgi and Tokan in Benin. Experienced gardeners oversaw the first harvest all the while training apprentices (centre inpatients near the end of their stay) to ensure the continuity of this project. Cost: $21,000.
  • Between 2014 and 2019, an agreement with CUSO International made it possible to send about forty cooperants with psychosocial (social work, special education) and entrepreneurial expertise. These cooperants trained local workers in Beninese centres over the course of stays of one year on average. Cost: $1,500,000. “Les Amis” contributed $50,000 in addition to pre-departure preparation, follow-up and accompaniment.
  • In 2012-13, construction and financing of the Adjarra Health Centre in Benin, in partnership with Collaboration Santé Internationale and the ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie of Québec. This centre provides free physical health care to Saint-Camille patients, often as soon as they arrive at the centre. It also serves the local population at a minimal cost. Current services include a maternity ward, general medicine, optometry, a laboratory and ultrasound imaging. An operating room, dentistry and radiology will soon be added.    Cost: $661,000.
  • Since 2001, six containers of medical, administrative, furniture and storage equipment, along with treatment supplies and medications, have been shipped from Collaboration Santé Internationale.  The value of the supplies in each container has ranged from $90,000 to $150,000. The cost of transporting them, funded by the Roncalli International Foundation (website), averaged $11,000 per container.