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Our African partner, the Association Saint-Camille-de-Lellis, is a charitable organization whose services are offered in Benin, Ivory Coast and Togo. It receives no financial assistance from the governments of these countries. It operates through the generosity of individuals, religious groups, foundations and charitable organizations in Europe and America.

All donations received by Les Amis de la Saint-Camille go entirely (100%) to the care and services that our partner offers in Africa. Your gift therefore provides direct benefits to the patients being treated or to those who have recovered but who still need support such as outpatient treatment.

All administrative costs for the operation of our non-governmental organization are borne by the volunteer commitment of the members of the Board of Directors.
Canada Revenue Agency: 84051 2909 RR0001


Please fill out the Paypal donation form. Thank you !


Make a cheque payable to Les Amis de la Saint-Camille and mail it to

256 rue Larochelle, Repentigny, Qc, J6A 1K9

Pre-authorized debit

Fill out the following form and send a cheque, on which you write “CANCELLED”, to the following address:

256 rue Larochelle, Repentigny, Qc, J6A 1K9

Interac transfer

Contact our treasurer Richard Strzelec at to set up for the procedure for a no-fee transfer to our account.


Testamentary donations

Did you know that you can include in your will a donation to a cause that is close to your heart, such as Les Amis de la Saint-Camille? This is an excellent way to reduce taxes upon death. Your bequest can be monetary, but it can also include real estate, land, cars, works of art, stocks or bonds, as well as your life insurance policy. Your notary can provide more information.

Memorial donations

At the time of the death of a loved one, you can ask that donations made in his or her memory be sent to Les Amis de la Saint Camille. Simply print the memorial donation form and make copies available to your loved ones at the funeral home or elsewhere. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Gifts of interest

You can also lend us an amount of money for a period of time formally designated in writing and leave the interest to us for as long as it suits you or your heirs. Contact us to find out more.