Les Amis de la Saint-Camille (Friends of the Saint-Camille)

More than 1,400 Friends in Canada (mostly in Québec) are members of this charitable organization, which is legally recognized by Corporation Canada.

About ten people volunteer to serve in different roles within the Board of Directors. We carry out activities to raise awareness of the Saint-Camille’s work in a variety of settings: schools and universities, parishes, religious communities, businesses; we talk about the Saint-Camille in colloquia as well as informal kitchen and neighbourhood meetings. We do so with two objectives in mind:

To inform and sensitize the Canadian population to the conditions that people with mental illness experience in sub-Saharan Africa, and to the contemporary solution that the Saint-Camille offers.

To develop a network of people, organizations and partners who can provide three kinds of resources to Grégoire Ahongbonon and his team:

  • Training: staff training, interns, support and treatment professionals
  • Material resources and services : medical equipment, medications, medical supplies, well drilling, construction or renovation of buildings
  • Financial resources: for construction projects, local staff training, planting of vegetable gardens, agricultural and social development

All donations are forwarded in full to the Saint-Camille-de-Lellis in Africa.

The experience in management, philanthropy, financing and mental health treatment of the members of the Board of Directors provides added value that allows them to better support the Saint-Camille. Since 2001, Les Amis has gotten to know its African partner well, by working closely with Grégoire and his team, discussing and exchanging approaches to project development and establishing a good alliance.

Grégoire Ahongbonon has come to Quebec eight times and five members of our team have spent time with the services of the Saint-Camille in recent years.