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Agricultural development in Sokodé

Mission Inclusion has offered us funding for social reintegration activities. Following discussions with
Grégoire, a six-hectare cashew tree plantation and vegetable garden is being developed on the large
plot of land of the new treatment and recovery centre in Sokodé, Togo. The project will be carried out
with the significant contribution of patients. They will be paid at the end of their treatment, and their
work will also help prepare them for their return to their farming environment: it will improve their
physical fitness, help them regain good working habits, etc. The men will do the heavy work (clearing,
land preparation, planting, etc…) while the women will do work that is typical for them in rural
environments (planting, sowing, harvesting, food preparation, etc…). An irrigation system is included in
the project. Cost: $39,900. 

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