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Grégoire stay in Quebec next May

This man who is bringing us together to support his commitment and that of his team for the benefit of African mental health patients will arrive on the evening of May 12 to continue his journey to New Orleans on the 20th of the same month. Why New Orleans? To receive a prestigious award (Chester Pierce Award) from the American Psychiatric Association (APA) during their annual convention. A big deal! This association brings together the majority of American psychiatrists (tens of thousands) and others
from abroad. He was offered the opening lecture for 90 minutes. He will be accompanied by Dr. Benoît Des Roches, a Quebec psychiatrist who knows St. Camille well. A booth will be set up by an American
organization that supports St. Camille, “Treatment Not Chains” is gradually developing. This is a great opportunity to network with our neighbors to the south, which we have been hoping for a long time. It so happens that the people in charge of “Treatment Not Chains” are two psychiatrists, members of the APA.

Before coming to Quebec, we organize activities and meetings for him during the short time he will be with us. The most important one is the launch of a book by Dr. Des Roches on Wednesday, May 18. This event will be an opportunity for you all to meet him and the author. Your assistance is expected.

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