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Adjarra in development

Addition of new services to the Health Center of Adjarra in the suburbs of Porto-Novo, the country’s capital. Following the recent shipment of a container in partnership with Collaboration Santé Internationale and the Roncalli Foundation, we were able to send the equipment needed to set up a dentistry service. A small surgical center has also been added thanks to the involvement of Sister Monique Bourget and her family’s foundation. This Quebec nun, a doctor living in Benin, is making an important contribution to the Saint-Camille after her long experience in development in Brazil. This center offers physical health care at no cost to the patients of Saint Camille, and at reduced cost to the local population.  We financed its construction in 2012-2013. Obstetrics, general medicine, optometry, a laboratory, ultrasound, dentistry and a small surgery center tests are already available. A Brazilian surgical mission is planned for next September. 

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